I made my grand entrance into this world from China and drifted nearly seven thousand miles across the ocean, setting foot in Massachusetts (United States), where I grew up and spent the majority of my life.  I am currently residing in Florida, and leaving footprints with my boyfriend, our Siamese fur-baby Houdini and red nose pit-bull Zeus.  Some of my absolute favorite muse (in addition to my most beloved humans of course) on this earth include getting lost in an awesome book, listening to all types of jazz, dancing to a variety of forms, and expanding my horizons of the world by traveling as often as I possibly can.

Photo by Stephanie Lepine

I’ve always had a strong wandering spirit ingrained within me.  I attribute these wonderful characteristics to my awesome parents.  Growing up, I was so fortunate and blessed to have been able to be exposed to the many different cultural experiences across the globe.  My face lights up, eyes sparkle, and ears perk up anytime I overhear or actively engage in conversations relevant to traveling; I get this immediate surge of powerful energy that overcomes me.  I’ve traveled to 20 different countries so far and there are no plans of me stopping anytime soon!  The planet earth is such a majestic wonder and so much of it I still have yet to explore!

Roaming Stats

Sparkle & Pineapple is a state of being: actions of inspiration, empowerment and individuality.  To lead a life of sparkle and pineapple is to be the shining star of our own lives, armored with toughness, fiery passion, and incredible zest for life.  In this blog you’ll embark on a myriad of life’s adventures with me, from self-improvement and discovery, to destinations near and far.  I’m thrilled to take you along on this journey!  Let’s get this party started, shall we?!

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