Top 5 Destinations on my Travel Bucket List

Okay, so I apparently tend to get a really bad case of the wanderlust.  Just ask my boyfriend (Jason), poor thing can’t catch a break from me jabbering on constantly (more like, 24/7, 365) about traveling.  I’m always either reflecting on past vacations, dreaming about some wanderlust-worthy locations that we could be in right now, or excessively and obsessively planning our future travel destinations.  I can’t help it though, passion doesn’t sleep!  With that being said, I’m excited to share a teaser of my extended travel bucket list by bringing you the top 5 destinations I can’t wait to explore!


What’s not to love about this city?  I’ve been once many moons ago but was too young to remember details.  I am a huge fan of jazz, and New Orleans jazz just brings me so much life!   The foodie in me also wants to talk about the food there…gumbo, jambalaya, Po-boys, and beignets.  Is your mouth watering yet?  I definitely plan to visit one year during the New Orleans Jazz Festival where I’ll be heavenly surrounded by the beautiful sounds of jazz and all the delectable Cajun and Creole dishes.


When I visited Alaska with my family in 2016, I fell totally in love with mountains (and glaciers).  There’s just something magical about being surrounded by mountains that words alone can’t describe, but must be felt with the heart!  I also loved the vintage feel some of the small towns there embodied.  Then Jason told me about this charming little town by the name of Breckenridge in Colorado.  I fell in love and immediately added that to my travel bucket list!  It sounded so much like some of the towns and mining cultures I’ve visited in Alaska.  I also heard the temperature in the summer stays around the 80’s Fahrenheit, now that is just way too perfect!


Ah, the sin city.  One where I also briefly visited as a child, with only memories of adults saying kids can’t go here or kids can’t do that.  So the only memory I really do have of Vegas is standing in the middle of the lobby of Caesar’s Palace with my mom, awestruck by all the lights and how fancy the hotel and casino is.  So I’ll need to revisit Las Vegas now that I’m an adult!  To say I love all the glimmer of the city lights is an understatement!  I am a city girl at heart so I’m often drawn to destinations with tons of lights and sparkles, it makes me smile from ear to ear!  To top it off, the Stratosphere has thrill rides on top of the building…say what?!  Being a major thrill ride aficionado, you can count me in!


There’s something magical about the Grecian architecture, and an irresistible charm that draws me to Greece.  There’s no denying that the Greek Islands are some of the most known picturesque destinations on earth.  I fancy photographing the most gorgeous scenes overlooking from the rooftops of traditional Grecian buildings.  Oh and here comes the foodie in me talking again…yum Gyros!!! All day, everyday!


I’ve heard so many glowing reviews about Iceland, it’s only natural for me to want to find out what the buzz is all about!  My sister was raving about it after she got back from her trip with the parents.  The Northern Lights is definitely popular amongst the tourists.  Iceland is also the destination for the most beautiful lagoons, springs, waterfalls, and landscapes to make any photographer swoon!  The temperature there only gets to be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer time, which is extremely exciting when I try to get away from the Florida heat and humidity!

Well there you have it!  The top 5 destinations on my [ever growing] travel bucket list I’m hoping to cross off in the near future.

              Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash






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  1. Great list! As a mom of four and married for more than 10 years, my husband and I missed our window of opportunity to travel and see many sights before our family grew. We have a possible 2 to 3 year window we might be able to take advantage of for his job in Hawaii’ and that would be fabulous! We are in a unique position with no debt (except a vehicle) and no home to hold us back. If the opportunity passes and we can’t get to Hawaii’, do you have a suggestion for a destination in the US (or even internationally) of a place to spend 2 or 3 years before settling? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Thank you! Having no debt and nothing to tie you down is definitely an wonderful place to be! Also your possible opportunity to live in Hawaii sounds so amazing! I’ve personally unfortunately never been to Hawaii (yet) but I’d totally jump on that if the chance presents itself. 🙂 If you happen to be a fan of living in warm destinations, I totally suggest South Florida in Palm Beach/Broward County. Jupiter, FL is gorgeous and so chill if you’re looking for a lower paced lifestyle, and Ft. Lauderdale is faster paced but lives up to its name of being known as the “Venice” of the U.S!

  2. You will love Colorado! Make sure you have plenty of time to see the small towns as well as the big cities!

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