Hidden Gem of Bahamas

When the name Bahamas gets mentioned, the first image that pops up in most peoples’ minds is most likely the picture perfect Atlantis Paradise Island standing tall, families gliding the waterslides into the aquarium at Aquaventure, the many aquatic activities that visitors can enjoy such as snorkeling, diving, etc., just to name a few.  Side note, Nassau Paradise Islands is definitely on my bucket list!

Not too far from the Paradise Islands, nestles a small island by the name of Spanish Wells off the Northwestern tip of Eleuthera and Harbour Islands.  This two mile long and half a mile wide, quaint, hole-in-the-wall island was the first to welcome me into the Bahamas.  I was so thrilled to get the privilege to join my whole family there for a couple days to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday this past January.  We stayed on my parents’ Herbstmond (catamaran) at the beautiful Spanish Wells Yacht Haven & Resort and was able to enjoy their amenities at the marina.

Here are some of the things which I found truly unique about Spanish Wells.

  • Beaches. Their beaches are a no-brainer!  Spanish Wells and Harbour Island in general are well known for their pink sand beaches.  As I was strolling barefoot along the Atlantic Ocean, I never had to worry about stepping on rocks due to the sand being so soft and easy on the feet.  On top of that, the beaches are so quiet and clean that you can often feel like you’re on a private beach!
  • The Glass Window Bridge. Where the Exuma Sound of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.  I was taken aback by the beauty of this panoramic wonder.  You can view the deep blue of the Atlantic change into the turquois of the Caribbean Sea only being separated by a strip of a 30 feet wide rock.  This scenery is definitely a nature lover’s dream come true!
  • Transportation. The vehicles there have the driver on the right side and passenger on the left.  All that made sense when I learned that the Bahamas was a British settlement.  Then we had to take a ferry from the Eleuthera International Airport to Spanish Wells, and once we got on the island, I can’t help but notice that golf carts and bicycles are the vehicle of choice for most of the residents and visitors alike.
  • Swimming Pigs. Bahamas is known for its swimming pigs.  Captain Kid & Son Charters took us to where we can swim with the pigs, equipped with a variety of food to feed them.  There were mama pigs, papa pigs, and piglets all waiting to be fed, some of them were incredibly cute, it was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget!
  • Culture. Although the majority of the latter mentionable applies to most of the Bahamian Islands, each individual island has their own unique flair.  Spanish Wells is known for its fishing industry, with their main catch being the Bahamian Lobster.  I had a lobster tail and it was so delicious, definitely a must try!  So if you’re a big fan of fishing, you’ll definitely feel right at home in Spanish Wells.

One thing worth mentioning is if you travel back home internationally from any island of the Bahamas, definitely make sure to get checked in at the airport no later than one hour from your flight time, not even a second late (totally serious!) or your flight will leave without you.  I learned the hard way so you won’t have to.  On the bright side, I got to spend an extra day with my family to bask in the West Indies sun!

En route to the Bahamas
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  1. Found your blog through Build Your Blog Bootcamp. Thanks for exploring and explaining the uniqueness and individuality of Spanish Wells. I had not thought about such a hole-in-the-wall place!

    1. It’s my pleasure! I love to share the beautiful and awesome (and sometimes off the beaten path) places in hopes of inspiring the wanderlust within ourselves! 🙂

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